Machine Learning Scientist

Synlico, located at San Francisco Bay Area, is taking a different approach to understanding biological system and process. We are a team of young scientists & professionals who view biology and medicine in a new way. With the ever-growing algorithm, data, and computational capacity, we believe we are on the cusp of developing a new language for the biological system.  

Our research is highly interdisciplinary and highly team oriented. We are seeking talented, ambitious researchers to develop cutting-edge computational tools to understand individual cells and new technologies to enable more accurate predictions of the biological system. We welcome scientists with strong academic backgrounds regardless of industry experience to join our team to make a difference and change the current status quo.

The Machine Learning Scientist position is a remote contractor work in Canada. The job holder will apply new algorithms and develop new machine learning tools in areas of interest to the company. Candidates should have expertise in applied aspects of the following areas:

    • Lead company’s efforts in developing a computational prediction model in the drug design process.
    • Working with the bioinformatics team, develop, identify, and implement data analytics, machine learning and deep learning methods on large datasets.
    • Use a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical experience and skills driving company’s computational efforts in understanding the biological process.

Position Requirements

    • PhD in artificial intelligence, computer science, applied mathematics or related discipline.
    • Broad understanding of different types of machine learning and deep learning algorithms includes supervised, unsupervised, semi -supervised and reinforcement learning algorithms.
    • Good understanding neural networks, random forests, support vector machines, Bayesian networks and other machine learning methods.
    • Good understanding with the strength and weaknesses of different algorithms.
    • Extensive experience in applying machine learning and deep learning tools to analyze large sets of data.
    • Proficiency in machine learning and deep learning frameworks, such as scikit-learn, TensorFlow and PyTorch.
    • Strong publication record.
    • Applicant does not need to check all boxes but need to be able to learn and adapt quickly to new things.
    • Interests in biological process at cellular and subcellular level.
    • Ability to work independently and within a team.

Synlico is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to inclusion and diversity. We take affirmative action to ensure equal opportunity for all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, Veteran status, or other legally protected characteristics. Please send CV with complete list of published articles to